A Brief Look At The Basketball Slot Machine

Even though there are a number of slots with sports themes, the one thing I like about the Basketball slot from EvoPlay is that they go through all efforts conceivable to ensure you have a fantastic gambling experience with some terrific gameplay and elaborate symbols. But, if you ask me, I’d love the game even if it didn’t had all the bells and whistles since there is more than enough for players to focus on with awesome wins on offer, and reliable bonuses including wild substitutions, scatter awards and free spins.

The graphics of the game are quite straightforward. It has 5 reels and is a colourful online slot with a basketball court in the background, an enthusiastic crowd on the sides and some funky music that brings the whole thing alive.

The shirts of the lower valued players spin on the reels with high-paying team emblems up at the top. There’s also a wild basketball hoop and a ball that’s on fire which is the scatter symbol. It is a classic slot with 20 paylines and the winning combinations come from getting 3, 4 or 5 of the same type of symbols across the same line on connected reels from the left to the right.

One of the main reasons why I really love this game though is that you can start placing bets for as little as $0.20. This game is perfect for you irrespective of your budget. You can even play the game for free to get used to it before you start playing for money.

If you want to win one of the top prizes then you should keep an eye out for the Red Bulls or Crazy Head logos with them being worth up to 888 times the bet amount on the line. 8, of course, is a very lucky number around the world. That explains the 888.

A brief look at the Bowled Over slots

If you have ever considered playing ten-pin bowling in real life, but never really got down to it then this is your chance to get bowled over with the Bowled Over Slots from Rival. Once you start this slots game, you will instantly be taken to a local bowling club. Here, you can win prizes for getting 9s or 10s. Your character will also be wearing silly shoes and eating tasty food and drinking cold beer. It’s everything you could have wanted from a game of bowling. There are even Wild Skittles for you, and a female champion whom you could challenge for more free spins and multipliers. If you choose to go against the male champion, you stand a chance to win a jackpot. There’s also a bowling ball bonus round where you can play a ten-frame game.

All games here start from 0.01 coins, and there is a wide range of coin-values, coins and lines to suit every taste. The reels are designed brilliantly as bowling lanes, and as for the spin button, it is a red championship bowling ball which rotates between spins. However, the most impressive thing here is the five reels and twenty pay lines that can get you a small fortune if you are lucky.

There is nothing like getting paid while playing some slots, right? The fun never stops. There are so many different ways to have fun at the Bowled Over slots that you’re never going to get bored. Yes, there are many other sports-themed slots on the Internet, but you are not going to have as much fun at any of them as here. This is a once in a lifetime chance to enjoy a game of bowling while also playing some slots. There really is nothing more you could ask for is there?

A brief look at the Boxing Slots

If you love seeing your favourite boxers put on their gloves, then perhaps it is time you started playing Boxing Slots by GamePlay Interactive. Even though it isn’t the most creative name for a game of slots, Boxing does more than enough to make up for the boring old name. Just wait till you see the smooth gameplay and sharp graphics, they will blow your mind for sure. The game features online slots that are backed by a boxing theme. If you are willing to go the distance, you can look forward to winning quite a few prizes. If you want to know whether Boxing is a knockout or a wild swing like an online slots game, then read on.

The theme of the game is quite obvious right from the beginning when you see the opening credits. The fantastic 3D graphics come to the fore right here. From the scantily clad girls all the way to the burly boxers, you will find that all aspects of boxing are represented one way or the other in this slots game.

There are more than enough opportunities to win some huge prizes as a sports fan. The theme will only help add to the satisfaction you get. The soundtrack further helps to get your adrenaline flowing and makes sure that the reels keep on spinning. You will also get to hear the bell clang every single time you spin the reels again.

Once you’ve figured out how to play, you can get into the ring and begin playing. You’re going to love the background too. There are five reels with fifteen possible pay lines, although it is totally up to you to decide how many you want to play on. The minimum size of coins is 0.01 and the maximum is 6.00. So, when are you getting started?

A brief look at the Daytona Gold Slots

Daytona Gold is an online slots game that is based on NASCAR. It places all the players right in the middle of famous race tracks. You probably know that the Daytona 500 is the biggest race of the NASCAR season. Arguably, it is the biggest race in the series as well. That is what this slots game is based on. The Daytona 500 is set out at Daytona, Florida and almost always gets sold out. As for TV audiences, there are more than 20 million live every time the race is broadcast.

Considering how popular the race is, it is no surprise that there is a slots game on it. Daytona Gold offers just as much excitement and energy as it comes with 5 reels and 15 pay lines.

When it comes to features, Daytona Gold has a number of interesting features including scatters, wilds, bonuses and turbo free spins. With all of this in place, it’s drawing more than enough attention.

When it comes to the visual design of this game, it is pretty much everything you could expect from a racing slots game. The control panel of the game has a dashboard design that looks quite good. The reel symbols show drivers, cars, and even car parts like gearshifts, steering wheels and tires. Every game has a theme and the one here is pretty fantastic.

The biggest feature you need to know about here is the driver symbol. This is a way for the special bonus game to get triggered. If you want this to happen, you will need to get a racer bonus on the 3 reels in the middle of an active pay line. You will have to win the game too if you want to get the prize. So don’t waste any more time, it’s time you started enjoying the thrill of Daytona Gold.

A brief look at the Football Slots game

For the large number of football fans who also love to gamble, there is a really cool slots game on the Internet that goes by the name of Football. Yeah, it’s not the most innovative name in the world, but once you start playing, you will realise that a slots game is about a lot more than just the name.

This slots game has a fun and cartoon-like design which comes with a light dose of humour that has the ability to seduce a large number of people, especially the many people who love watching or playing this sport around the world. You won’t need to get yourself football spikes in order to play these slots games. You can enjoy it right from the comfort of your own home.

There is no surprise when you notice that the background of this slots game is a football field. You get to see a close-up of grass with some white lines running across it. The graphics are pretty realistic as well. You will be able to look at just about any blade of grass.

It’s worth mentioning that the sound effects are quite spectacular at Football. You will be able to hear the crowd shouting and cheering for your team while you are spinning the reels. This gives the games a very realistic feel. It’s almost like you are inside a stadium. But, the developers did not care about realism for the symbol designs. Most of them are related to football, but they all have cartoon like expressions and unique personalities.

The main goal of the game, just like any slot game, is for you to line up as many similar icons as you can. You won’t believe the kind of rewards that are awaiting you if you can manage to get some symbols in line!

A brief look at the Horse Racing Slots

It’s time you picked a horse and got ready for a virtual race. There is no other online slots game where you will be able to have as much fun as Horse Racing. This game has been designed by Gamescale and will make players remember the time they were at actual casinos. The games are very simple and accessible to just about everyone. The game is intuitive enough to allow beginners to have some fun. Old school players who want to go down the memory lane and remember all the good times they had, are going to have a lot of fun here.

So irrespective of whether you’re good at online slots or not, you should give this game a shot. There are many other horse racing slots out there, but none of them are as good as this one, especially, when it comes to retro games.

When you start this slots game, the screen gets divided into a couple of parts. The background has a number of busy and huge casino floors with playing tables and slot machines everywhere. There’s a slot machine right in the front which is floating in the air. The machine is quite simple and has 2D graphics. There are some command buttons below and a very easy to see pay table on the top.

Horse Racing is not the most impressive slots game out there when it comes to graphics, but it is one of the most fun. You get a lot of freedom at this slots game as far as customizing settings are concerned. The game has five reels with three pay lines across them. Winning players can hope to get as many as 2,000 if they’re lucky. There aren’t too many symbols in this game, so it isn’t too difficult to put wins together either.

A brief look at the Mike Tyson Knockout slots

While not many people would be willing to go head to head with the great Mike Tyson, there is no reason why you would not want to enjoy some online slots with the champ. This five reel, twenty pay line slots game has been developed by Inspired Gaming, and lets punters get straight into the thick of the action with excellent 3D graphics and even some terrific animations with knockouts. It is quite realistic and you may even end up considering head protection while you are playing, just in case virtual Mike chooses to knock you out.

Players are not going to have to take Mike on alone in this slots game because they have the big blow bonus on their side. This offers them quite a few free spins as well as a mini-game which can help them determine the bonus multiplier which is in the play. Plus, if gamblers are looking for the knockout punch, they can try out the Fortune Bet feature which can increase their chances of winning.

Even if you aren’t knowledgeable about boxing, you would most probably have heard of Mike Tyson. This professional boxer was among the best in the world. He was the youngest person to ever win the undisputed heavyweight championship. He has won 19 boxing matches in his career, with 12 ending by first round knockout. It’s not surprising that this is the character a boxing game has been based on.

This slots game promises to be quite a knockout as far as visual quality is concerned. This is mostly because game developers have used the best 3D graphics to make it look like Tyson really is there with you. You can place bets from as little as 0.20 to as much as 200.00. It’s all about how much you want to bet. Get started right away!

A brief look at the Monsters of Motorcross Slots

It’s time you started your engines and got involved in an adrenaline-rich race that offers plenty of opportunities to win big as well as a number of brilliant bonuses for you to enjoy. The Monsters of Motorcross is a video slots game from Portomaso Gaming, and the title is pretty self-explanatory. Here, players are supposed to ride the fastest bikes in motocross and finish the race first in order to hit the jackpot and go for glory. A challenge which many players are not going to think twice about taking on.

This slots game is all about adrenaline and fast machines. The graphics in the game reflect all of this in the best way possible. It won’t take too long before you will figure out just how things work here and pocket some huge cash rewards on the way.

The background consists of a muddy race track which is located in the country. There are a lot of details that are visible here, and the 3D effects are pretty impressive. The reels float around and have been framed in metallic casings that have chequered flags on top of them. As usual, the command bar is at the bottom.

In a nutshell, this game has everything that you could wish for in a classic slots game. The developers have put in quite a bit of effort into integrating all of the command buttons and reels in the game skillfully. This more than makes sure that you will have quite an engrossing gaming experience while you are at this slots game. If you’re an adrenaline junkie, you must give this slots game a shot.

So, if you aren’t concerned about getting too muddy, then it’s time you gave the Monsters of Motorcross slots a shot. You will be amazed by its beauty.

A brief look at the Rocky Slot machine

There is no one who has made more comebacks in boxing on the silver screen than the amazing Rocky Balboa. While we could never be a part of the movies, we finally get a chance to sit ringside while Rocky does his work in the ring with the Rocky Slots game.

Rocky will be climbing the reels against some epic opponents like Clubber Lang, Ivan Drago, and Apollo Creed. Even the love of his life, his wife, Adrian, has a major role to play her, as it helps in increasing his determination to win big prizes.

You get into the ring with Rocky, 5 reels and 25 pay lines. You can play round after round here. What makes things even cooler is that when you win big, you will get to see the celebratory videos from the movies after Rocky defeated particular opponents.

There is one more way in which you can win total-bet multipliers, they are called Italian Stallion Scatter Symbols. If you can get all 5 on the reel at the same time, you will win 100 times your original bet. If you get less than 5, you will enjoy smaller prizes like free spins. There are also numerous wild rocky’s in the reels which offer free spins.

There are other wilds in this game for you to enjoy as well. If you can get 5 rocky symbols lined up together, you will get the top prize which is 10,000 coins. Along with this, Rocky is also going to punch out all the other symbols in the way in order to create more space for a lot of canvas combos. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time you enjoyed the thrill of being in a Rocky movie right from the comfort of your home. You are not going to get a chance like this ever again!